If you have any type of clinic or medical center, you probably also know how important it is to correctly and professionally manage your appointment scheduling.

Our management software has an appointment scheduling system that provides you and your staff with specific solutions that are completely configured to your needs, and with advanced tools that will enable you to manage online appointment scheduling in a simple, easy way. The software interfaces directly to the diary of the clinic or medical institute, and enables the staff to schedule the appointment according to the available diary slots, based on the type of test and the physician who is required in order to perform it.

Many business advantages in a single software product

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With this online appointment scheduling software you can fully control the work processes in the institute or clinic. The diaries will be administered according to different parameters such as treatment times, the physician’s work hours, the type of test, etc.
The system enables the clinic to fully distinguish between appointments scheduled online and appointments made directly by the secretary at the clinic / institute or by the attending physician. The system automatically synchronizes the different appointment types and prevents duplicate appointments and unnecessary errors. It also has the ability to maintain ongoing communication with the customers or patients by utilizing different tools such as automated appointment reminders. These are used by sending an SMS before the date of the visit or through a voice operated reminder system that can also be added.
All of the above is done independently of the operation of the clinic or institute, and with no need by the clinic staff to directly call the customer.

Considerable savings on ongoing management costs 

  • Alongside the many business related benefits of an online appointment scheduling system, it can also provide significant savings on ongoing management costs. This is reflected as follows:
  • The customer can be contacted at any time, 24/7, independently of the clinic’s work hours.
  • The clinic saves on unnecessary communication costs such as telephone calls.
  • The costs of sending an SMS for appointment reminders are significantly lower than a similar phone call.
  • There is an option for billing the patient for the cost of the reminder through automated billing by the cellular company.
  • Effective appointment scheduling increases business activities and ensures customer retainment. It also becomes a significant factor in streamlining work processes by reducing errors and preventing unplanned cancellations.
  • By using online appointment scheduling you can transfer information directly to the patient such as about preparations for the test as necessary. The process includes generating an instructions printout for the patient when scheduling the test appointment.

Advantages as far as service to the customer

The many benefits offered by the appointment management system will be enjoyed by the patients as well. These benefits aid the clinic in retaining the customer and in providing professional, effective service. Here are some of these benefits: 

  • The customer can schedule an appointment at any time he wants, without depending on the work hours of the clinic or medical institute. 
  • Scheduling an appointment through an online appointment system enables the customer to save valuable time (there is no need to wait for the service rep or secretary).
  • Appointment scheduling can be done according to the patient’s available times, taking into account free diary slots.
  • The patient can get a picture of future appointments and accordingly select the most convenient time and date. This is done without having to call the secretary and check (except for special cases requiring the patient to directly call the clinic or institute). 
  • The customer enjoys an automated reminder service provided by SMS or e-mail two days before the planned visit.


Our online system makes it possible to schedule the appointment in a simple, easy way, save valuable time and reduce clinic expenses. If you want to enjoy the system’s many benefits along with your customers, please contact us today to schedule a demo. 


By: David Samesh