This advanced software module for documenting aesthetic treatments provides professional tools and different software solutions that are configured to the field of aesthetics.

The system for managing aesthetic institutes offers a variety of solutions under one umbrella:

  • Using treatment series
  • Keeping track of financial balances
  • Receiving warnings about the last treatment in a series
  • Utilizing a variety of tools for retaining existing customers and for marketing to new or potential ones

The most important benefits of our software product for managing aesthetic clinics:

  •  Using quotes and managing sales
  • The ability to add images, scans and documents in different formats
  • Keeping track of revenues and expenses in a clear, simple way
  • Managing profits and meeting objectives

Basic application package:

Optional extras that complement the system:

ניהול תורים

A system for scheduling and managing appointments

The software for managing aesthetic institutes offers an effective and easy-to-operate mechanism for assigning appointments to the staff. It also makes it possible to manage diaries, enables customers to schedule appointments according to the staff’s work hours or the treatment rooms’ availability, and permits the staff to manage a waiting list. Using the software makes it possible to easily and conveniently schedule appointments. It makes for greater flexibility in setting schedules, and enables one to monitor the clinic’s work on an ongoing basis.

תיק רפואי ממוחשב

Managing computerized medical records

With this software, you can manage the customer’s medical file in a computerized manner. The file contains demographic details, the patient’s medical history, their past treatments and any treatment series. It is kept in an organized archive with convenient access that makes it possible to quickly retrieve the different details contained in each file.

טפסים ייעודיים במערכת

Generating administrative and special reports

The management system contains a variety of reports that provide an overall picture of the institute’s activities and constitute an important tool in its administration. By using this system one can generate payment reports for physicians and consultants, payment information with regards to different treatments or procedures performed, statistical reports about the patient and the different aesthetic treatments they have had, revenue and expense reports, executive reports, treatment list reports, billing reports taken from the billing system, etc.

הצעות מחיר והזמנות

Quotes and orders

Managing aesthetic institutes requires the staff to generate quotes on a daily basis. With our management system it is possible to generate quotes that are configured to the institute’s daily work. Discounts can be integrated into the quote in an advanced, intelligent manner based on the number of sales closed for that patient by the same insurer. In this way, the price of the surgical procedure is established automatically. Managing quotes in a computerized manner prevents human error in pricing and ensures quotes that are profitable for the clinic.

תזכורות תורים

Appointment reminders and information updates (SMS)

The software has an advanced system with a special interface to Unicell, Cellact and InforUMobile. This feature sends automated SMS reminders to patients about the time and details of their appointment instead of calling them directly. By using SMS messages, the system provides powerful marketing tools for contacting patients easily and conveniently. This streamlines the clinic’s activities and considerably increases its profits.

At a time of intense competition between many aesthetic clinics and medical centers, it is important to make your clinic as profitable as possible by streamlining its work processes, reducing expenses and increasing its customer base. By using an effective, advanced, high quality system you can save on the clinic’s expenses and at the same time considerably increase revenues and profits.

What makes the clinic management software for aesthetic institutes so unique is that it was fully configured to the aesthetic niche by using advanced technological tools providing a solution to the institute’s needs. These tools are extremely effective for marketing and encourage patients to return for further treatments.

If you want to enjoy the many tools offered by our software and also save on expenses, contact us today to schedule a demo and quote.

By: David Samesh