Since our company’s inception, we have established a development center founded on a skilled, professional staff that has accumulated extensive experience over the years. Our staff uses the most innovative technologies to develop state of the art products that are fully

configured to the users’ needs. Considerable amounts are invested every year in developing our new technologies and configuring them to the users’ needs. Every project – big or small – gets our complete attention until we obtain a finished product characterized by uncompromising quality, innovation and effectiveness.

We view our customers and employees as a part of our family and we are committed to being truly attentive to their needs. Our customers enjoy the close, personalized service of a project manager who configures the complete solution to their specific needs, working environment and desired work processes.

It is my belief that our customers’ continued satisfaction is the true index of our success.


We use a combination of development technologies that have the purpose of providing high quality solutions to the work processes needed by our customers. We base our work on current technological trends, and carry out the adjustments necessary in order to ensure the customer uses its system to the limit with regards to both the business aspect and the professional clinical factors. Our system utilizes one central database that are SQL & NoSQL based.

Our development actions are founded on uniform standards as required by medical centers, and lay an emphasis on supporting automated processes in order to streamline the clinic’s daily operations and minimize the need for manual work. Our systems support standard interfacing mechanisms that are customarily used in the field of medicine, such as DICOM, HL7, XML and CDA. Our development activities utilize a number of development tools that can be interconnected. This makes it possible to run the different applications and to integrate any solutions and interfaces that are needed, including third party products, testing equipment and diagnostic methods. All of this is done by collaborating with software and equipment manufacturers that provide us with complementary products. This enables us to ensure connectivity between products and applications and to provide a complete solution for transferring information between them.

Our development tools include ASP .NET, C#, Angular and additional development tools for web / mobile / tablets. They provide an answer to the volumes of information used in big data, as well as solutions for cloud activities. In this way we can provide contemporary solutions and at the same time revise development tools so as to best suit future and changing needs. From time to time we revise and adjust systems that were developed by our company in the past, by providing them with new and unique additions and updates. Our products can work in different operation environments and support complete data communication. This includes leading third party systems and software products. 

My viewpoint is:

Be alert to changes at all times, initiate combined processes in order to introduce new technologies without neglecting

older ones, and integrate them together in intermediate moves based on SOA & Open platform. We should identify trends and needs among our customers, in order to discover unique solutions by using a creative approach, innovative thinking and a fresh, original outlook. 

The different software applications were configured to every medical field or sector based on the users’ needs. We fully collaborated with the users in characterizing the work processes needed for clinical diagnosis, documentation, information retrieval, and distribution of information and answers

to every hierarchic step involved in the medical process. All of this was done to provide a complete systemic solution that combines the clinical medical aspects with the administrative needs relating to running a clinic / institute / medical center. All of the applications are configured to meet every regulatory requirement in Israel and overseas (Ministry of Health, tax authorities).

The user interface was originally displaying Hebrew, but can be configured to multiple languages based on the regulations required for medical center users at the destination countries overseas. This is done by a unique translation mechanism developed by our company.

Service pact 

  • Reliability, providing the best possible service, and maintaining direct communication with every customer.
  • Our service is provided by a professional, highly skilled staff that has acquired extensive knowledge and can provide high quality solutions over long periods.
  • Dedicated care, attentiveness to every customer, and providing high quality professional service and support.

Organizational management

Ensuring our employees take part in the company’s thinking and product development processes in order to create a broad foundation for sales. Forming a homogenous team and providing our employees with all the tools they need in order to create a warm home and make everyone feel they belong. Establishing friendly relations and collaboration that lead to new creation commonly shared by everyone. Retaining and advancing the existing team while expanding our staff according to the company’s future needs.

Marketing and Sales

Our sales system is based on the existing support team and on the satisfaction of our customers who have been with us for over 25 years. These customers actually lead to having our products pushed and to the expansion of our customer base, mainly by referring their friends to us in order to implement our products / applications in their businesses.

We are open to business collaborations for the purpose of selling, marketing, product development, R&D and supporting our products overseas. We will provide remote training and support, as needed, to such local representatives.