The system for managing x-ray institutes is a specific kind of management system for imaging institutes. It provides you with the perfect solution for running your institute with specific tools that are configured to your needs. The software lets you enjoy a wide variety of solutions and technological tools that combine together to form a single professional uniquely configured product

The system’s advantages:

  • Simplicity in inputting test information
  • Interface to the leading PACS software products An interface that enables one to transfer modality work list tests, answers, scanned referrals and payment obligations
  • Creating patient lists and managing the work processes of technicians, analyzing physicians and answer typists
  • Interfacing to the Dictaphone system that enables the user to record the analyses and link them directly to the patient’s medical file

This software offers a variety of advanced tools

  • Implementing all of the work processes necessary in imaging institutes
  • Keeping track of contrast agent injections and oral administrations 
  • Calling patients to get their imaging tests when their waiting time has ended
  • Creating a patient list for the medical equipment

Basic application package:

Optional extras that complement the system:

ניהול תורים

A system for scheduling and managing appointments


With this system one can schedule future appointments with a few simple steps. The software provides different displays and enables the user to perform a variety of actions such as printing an appointment list, inputting regular or varying comments into the diary and more.

תיק רפואי ממוחשב

Managing medical files and a computerized medical archive

A sophisticated system for managing x-ray institutes that provides all of the patient’s applicable details that are stored directly in his computerized file. This includes tests he has had, different diagnoses, sensitivities, overall medical status and more. These details are directly linked to the PACS system which assists in documenting them and retrieving them as needed.

טפסים ייעודיים במערכתSpecial forms built into the system

A special system for x-ray institutes that provides the user with a variety of specific forms that are built into the system itself and are necessary for effectively running the institute. The system provides important information concerning the institute’s personnel, manages the times for ingesting test contrast agents, and displays information about different appointments.

דוחות ניהוליים

Generating administrative and special reports

This system offers a variety of reports and tools that assist the institute in controlling its daily work processes and obtaining an overall picture of its different systems. Additionally, it makes it possible to generate different reports that relate to the test being done and its analysis or to personnel remuneration, as well as statistical reports that aid in scheduling appointments.

תזכורות תורים

Appointment reminders and information updates (SMS)

With this system one can send reminders to patients about future appointments, date about test results, and any other important information. The system sends an SMS message directly to the patient, and by that aids in saving significantly on money and personnel.

Upgrade your management abilities with an advanced management system!

With this software you can run your x-ray institute better, and easily interface to additional software products. It offers many diverse management tools that are user friendly and easy to operate. The software offers you many advantages:

  • Saves valuable time and significantly streamlines the work process
  • Enables the user to control the x-ray institute’s daily activities and supervise the staff’s actions
  • Improves and streamlines work processes and enables one to use high level technology

The x-ray institute management system is an opportunity to enjoy a variety of solutions under one roof with no need for other software products.

If you wish to advance to professional, easy to use software, contact us today to schedule a consultation and demo.

By: David Samesh