The software product for eye clinic management enables you to benefit from a variety of tools that assist you in running the clinic and in streamlining different work processes. The different system tools are uniquely configured to an eye clinic’s needs and offer a solution to all of its requirements.

The system’s advantages:

  • Saving the time of having to type test information
  • Shortening the patient’s visit to the doctor or nurse
  • Operating and running an eye clinic – the system combines the clinic’s necessary administrative management with maintaining the patient’s medical records (the professional ophthalmological aspect)
  • The ability to generate special management and control reports

The system’s most important tools:

  • Using built in forms that are perfectly configured to the doctor’s needs
  • The ability to easily and conveniently fill in special forms that contain, among other data, the patient’s test information and his or her prescriptions
  • Connectivity to testing devices and the ability to have data transferred directly to the software
  • A function of storing images and scanned documents in the patient’s file

Basic application package:

Optional extras that complement the system:

ניהול תורים

A sophisticated system for scheduling and managing appointments

The system enables the medical staff to make appointments quickly, effectively and conveniently. It contains different parameters, such as cancelling and updating the appointment status, and provides the option of printing doctor’s appointments in various formats. The software is user friendly and very easy to operate.

תיק רפואי ממוחשב

Managing medical files and a computerized medical archive

MEDSOFT PRO EYES enables the patient’s medical file to be managed through a single computerized system that is used, among other purposes, as a medical archive. The software enables the user to crosscheck information and use additional data coming from different sources such as referring physicians, medical institutes, optometrists, etc. It also assists in documenting medical information, including the patient’s personal details, his medical history, prescriptions, visits and even future eye tests.

טפסים ייעודיים במערכת

Special forms built into the system

The system offers end users a variety of specialized forms that enable the ophthalmologist, the clinic’s nurses and any additional staff to document tests and other medical information and address complaints and past findings.

דוחות ניהוליים

Management forms that are specific to the field of eye medicine

The eye clinic management system provides the clinic with a variety of forms that serve as an excellent management tool. This can provide a general picture of the entire clinic, its profitability and the degree to which it is achieving its goals. The reports make it possible to obtain up to date information about the inventory at the clinic, about its medical staff, tests that were performed and more.

זימון תורים מקוון

Appointment reminders and information updates (SMS)

The clinic’s patients enjoy being sent SMS reminders directly to their cell phone – whether about a future appointment or about additional relevant information. With this system, the ability of the clinic to maintain an up to date diary increases, and its expenses are reduced thanks to savings on personnel and communication costs.

Improving the clinic’s efficiency and functionality

This software provides you with the opportunity to significantly improve and streamline the way the eye clinic is being managed – whether it is a large clinic or small one. At the same time it reduces its different expenses which ultimately leads to higher profitability. The tools offered by this software are simple, easy to use, and specifically configured to the clinic’s unique needs and to the medical staff’s different requirements.

Managing a clinic with the MEDSOFT PRO EYES software for eye clinic management will make your work easier and will assist you to achieve significant savings on the clinic’s expenses.

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By: David Samesh