The software for running mammography centers will allow you to enjoy a variety of advantages and tools that can assist you in significantly streamlining and improving the institute’s work processes. The MEDSOFT PRO Mammo software for running mammography centers provides the best answers to the needs of managing the institute and is completely configured to this specific niche.

The system’s advantages:

  • Shortening work processes by inputting test information in a more structured, convenient manner
  • Covering every professional aspect in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s instructions
  • Sending test documents in a way that is convenient to the referring parties
  • Controlling the different work processes at the institute and generating advanced reports

The software offers a variety of tools that are necessary for running the institute:

  • Integrating built-in forms that are perfectly tailored to managing a mammography institute
  • The ability to fill in specific forms easily and intuitively
  • The option of merging all of the patient’s information and test results into one PDF document
  • The ability to enclose and edit photographs and scanned documents

Basic application package:

Optional extras that complement the system:

ניהול תורים

A system for scheduling and managing appointments

The system for running mammography centers makes it possible to schedule appointments in a simpler, more effective and more convenient way. The system contains a number of different tools such as the option of cancelling and changing the appointment status, the option of printing out the appointments for the doctor, etc.

תיק רפואי ממוחשב

Managing medical files and a computerized medical archive

The system offers an accessible and convenient technological solution in the format of a medical file and computerized medical archive. The patient’s personal details, the tests he has had, the prescriptions he has been given and every applicable diagnosis are all documented in a medical file in a way that is simple, convenient and accessible to the center’s medical staff.

טפסים ייעודיים במערכת

Special forms built into the system

The system contains a variety of specific forms that are used for documenting the mammography testing process, streamlining work processes, and saving on personnel and other costs.

דוחות ניהוליים

Administrative and special reports

By using this system one can generate different reports relating to the mammography institute’s work processes and activities and providing the solution the center’s staff needs. With one push of a button, the user can send the information and answers to various parties – whether an HMO or the Health Ministry – and obtain an up to date picture that can assist in determining future actions with that patient.

תזכורות תורים

Appointment reminders and information updates (SMS)

This is a particularly effective tool that allows the user to send automated SMS messages containing reminders about future appointments or information applicable to the patient. In this way, the mammographic center can save on personnel and communication expenses. There is no need for employees to make phone calls to remind patients of their appointments. The system does this for you, and enables you to focus your attention on other actions that are just as important.

Advanced software for managing breast cancer treatments

The module for running mammography centers in an important module in the system for running imaging centers. It is an advanced and effective tool that contains essential information about risk factors relating to breast cancer and the reasons for its formation.  Additionally, easily inputting the information during the test and the possibility to keep track of the mammography center’s activities and correctly manage it are part of the advanced solutions offered by this software. This assists you in achieving more intelligent work processes relating to breast cancer treatments. The medical staff can monitor the test, report it and control it throughout the entire process, thus aiding the patient in going through the necessary actions more conveniently.

If you are interested in improving your mammography center’s management, if you wish to enjoy advanced and effective tools, if you would also like to save on financial expenses – you are welcome to contact us to schedule a consultation and demo.


By: David Samesh