Managing imaging institutes with the Medsoft pro RIS software for better, smarter, more professional solutions

Imaging institutes in Israel and overseas are forced to use a number of different software products that require extensive knowledge and professional skill and sometimes operate concurrently. Our system for managing imaging centers contains a variety of tools and technological developments and serves as a single perfect solution for improving and streamlining work processes. The tools offered by the system follow stringent international standards and therefore enable users to enjoy a specific solution suitable for any patient.

Medsoft pro RIS – a specifically configured solution that answers every need

The software product for managing radiological institutes is user friendly and integrates particularly advanced technology such as Dictaphone and other technological tools. The system is perfectly suitable for a paperless environment and fully interfaces with other supporting systems. It assists in remuneration processes and with accounting actions vis-a-vis the center’s medical staff, and at the same time provides guided analysis that includes concurrently viewing an image sent directly from the PACS to the desktop.


Mammography center management

This system for managing mammography centers provides the solution that every mammography center needs, while stringently following

the relevant guidelines that are necessary for proper work performance. The system provides

a friendly and convenient user interface that assists in performing one’s work faster and more efficiently.


X-ray institute management

This system is the perfect solution for managing a digital x-ray institute and assists in running it

more intelligently – from the moment the patient comes in until it’s time to perform accounting actions vis-a-vis various parties such as insurance companies

or HMOs.


Dental imaging institute management

A unique system, exclusive to R.R. Systems, that provides a solution for the necessary coordination between the dentist and the dental imaging

institute. With this system one can time various actions at the institute and generate the imaging products necessary

for diagnosis, maintaining full cooperation with the dental clinic.


The unique benefits of the imaging center management system

  • PACS guided analysis
  • Supports international coding: ICD9-10, LONIC, ACR, SNOMED and more
  • Sending analysis reports to the different HMOs (Clalit, Maccabi, Leumit, Meuhedet) while maintaining information security (sending them to safes and by web)
  • A capability to generate reports on various levels based on the customer’s needs and special requirements
  • Digital signatures on reply forms

Simple, convenient and effective work process

The imaging center management system offers the user a highly advanced working environment but at the same time, simple and easy to use tools. It makes it possible to perform the work process in a simpler, more convenient, more efficient way, and is fully configured to the different staff: technicians, doctors, analyzers, answer typists, etc. It assists in scheduling and managing appointments and well creating medical records for each patient. The software offers a variety of tools that make it possible to communicate with different organizations, and integrates high quality security solutions – all under one roof!

A combination of quality and professionalism

The system follows stringent international standards and makes it possible for all relevant parties – such as the HMOs or insurance companies – to view an accurate analysis. It also offers a variety of different reports that are needed by both the analyzing physician and the technician. One can transfer the reports from the PACS directly to the patient’s file and retrieve them as necessary.

Technological tools integrating many solutions

The Medsoft pro RIS system can utilize different mechanisms that are customarily used in the medical world such as DICOM, XML and HL7. It also provides simple and convenient management tools and therefore allows significant savings on the medical center’s expenses and an increase in efficiency and profitability.

If you also want to benefit from technological progress and advanced tools that can streamline your work processes and considerably improve your medical center’s performance, please contact us today to schedule a meeting.