Developing advanced software products

R.R. Information Systems and Technologies Ltd. is a veteran software company that is highly experienced in developing systems and software applications of the highest quality that are technologically configured to the fields of medicine and optics.  We invite you to enjoy highly advanced technological tools and personalized professional support provided by a project manager throughout the entire process. We have developed professional management systems that provide solutions for managing clinics and medical centers, as well as systems that provide the most accurate answer to optical stores and large optical retail chains.

The clinic management system provides a specific solution for every need 

The management software has many benefits, and the most important one is the ability to configure it to the clinic’s every need and to any medical field.  Therefore, instead of working with several software products concurrently, each offering a separate solution, one can enjoy a single system that contains every tool necessary for running and operating a clinic – covering both the administrative and professional aspects.

Clinic management


A software product that will help you save on costs as well as personnel. The software makes it possible to run the clinic

intelligently and provides an opportunity to increase profits. The tools offered by the software are diverse and numerous. They include sophisticated systems for scheduling and managing appointments, computerized medical files, physicians’ diaries, an advanced system for managing the clinic’s telemarketing efforts, and more.

Optical software


A special software product allowing you to effectively manage an optical store or retail chain under one roof.  With this system one can cater to the different needs of any shop that is part of a chain, and of course to comprehensively manage the entire chain. It integrates tools unique to the field of optics that enable you to keep track of your patients and their tests, make orders, manage your tills and inventory, and more.

Appointment management system


A sophisticated system for comprehensively managing appointments – scheduling appointments and communicating with customers, maintaining several diaries concurrently, managing room occupancy and sending reminders to customers.  Effectively managing appointments is an important parameter in streamlining business processes.

The winning combination of professionalism and special solutions

The software products we offer make it possible for you to enjoy increased financial success based on better, more economical work processes. From now on you can save on paper, time and personnel! There is no need to send faxes or even make phone calls. The software’s advanced tools makes it possible for you, your medical staff or your store personnel to enjoy a direct connection to your customers, patients, vendors and insurers – straight from the system. Transferring information easily by sending forms, SMS messages, e-mails and more. The winning combination of high level professionalism and administrative solutions creates a tool that is accurate, effective and very convenient to use. 

If you own a clinic, medical institute or possibly an optical retail chain, this is the time to enjoy the software’s many benefits and to significantly improve your daily work processes. 

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