Do you manage a dental imaging institute? An innovative software module with a variety of tools for running a dental imaging institute. The dental imaging institute management system answers a need that has existed for many years but has not been addressed until now – a convenient system that connects the referring dentist to the institute itself.

The software’s most important benefits:

• Scheduling appointments in the diaries based on work times
• Generating accounting reports and statistical reports
• Receiving imaging referrals directly into the patient’s file
• Generating a printed report with a digital signature
• Distributing answers and/or images to referring dentists

A selection of management tools for your institute:

• Receiving orders from dentists
• Keeping track of jobs to be performed and of compensation by referring dentists
• Keeping track of pending tasks at the institute, and generating stickers and barcodes for monitoring purposes
• Billing for jobs and treatments performed and accounting actions vis-a-vis
the insurers

Basic application package:


Optional extras that complement the system:

ניהול תורים

A system for scheduling and managing appointments

The dental imaging institute management software offers a tool for scheduling imaging appointments, and has the feature of printing the appointment and generating an order number. It also provides users with the option of placing appointments in the diaries based on work time parameters.

תיק רפואי ממוחשבManaging computerized medical records

The software enables your staff to manage demographic information and details about appointments, and to receive imaging referrals for panoramic, status, periapical and mandible x-rays, parallel surveys, etc. It also makes it possible to collect the images into the patient’s file and send them directly to the referring dentist. It has the features of displaying information to the referring dentist via the PACS system and going into a third party website in order to examine images.   The attending dentist can classify the treatment performed and the images attached to the file, and can also store images, scans, referrals and applicable external documents.

דוחות ניהולייםAdministrative and special reports

The system generates statistical reports that enable the staff to see how many referrals were sent during a certain period by the type of test and referring party. It also offers a variety of monthly payment reports that assist in compensating referring dentists and in performing accounting actions vis-a-vis insurers. These and other administrative reports provide a top notch management tool for running the institute and monitoring its actions on an ongoing basis.

חיבור למכשירי בדיקהDistributing answers and images to dentists

The management system provides a solution for distributing answers to referring dentists, including images, and notifying the receiver by SMS. It enables the staff to generate computerized forms in a simple manner and print them at any time. A digital signature can be added to the forms, which serves as a dentist’s signature for all intents and purposes.

תזכורות תוריםAppointment reminders and information updates (SMS)

The system sends reminders to patients via SMS about the time and details of their appointment. It sends a confirmation of having received and performed the job, a confirmation of the dentist’s acceptance of the patient, as well as other reminders that serve as powerful marketing tools that can encourage patients to return to your clinic. The system interfaces to various companies (Unicell, Cellact, InforUMobile), and saves the clinic large amounts of money by reducing the amount of phone calls and by saving on the personnel that would be necessary for these actions.

The dental imaging institute management and operation system is an important module of R.R. Systems’ software for managing imaging institutes. The system interfaces to Dentstorm and provides a complete solution by direct online communication among the dentists and between the dentists and the imaging institutes. This collaboration can be achieved by using the advanced tools that are offered by the system, such as online imaging referrals, receiving dental x-rays, etc. One of its great benefits is that the institute can use a single platform and database which assist its success, and at the same time significantly save on various expenses.

Managing dental imaging institutes requires high administrative and marketing capabilities due to the high level of competition. Therefore we have identified the institutes’ need to streamline their actions vis-a-vis dentists in order to increase referrals – and we have developed this unique and exclusive software as a result. Using a system that communicates with the dentist directly and intelligently, ensures an increase in the number of referrals to the institute and thus a significant improvement in the institute’s profitability.

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By: David Samesh