A system for managing women’s health clinics – a single system with a variety of advanced management tools that assist you in running your clinic and streamlining the work process. The system for managing women’s health clinics is suitable for medical centers of varying sizes and offers diverse management tools.

The software for managing women’s health clinics combines several important benefits:

  • Simplicity in inputting test information
  • Inputting essential information relating to the woman’s condition, pregnancy status and medical history
  • Printing out merged fields and test information in a simple, convenient and easy way
  • Reporting to the Ministry of Health
  • A pricing function and the ability to examine maximum effectiveness for surgical procedures

The software’s main unique uses:

  • Use of specific forms such as nuchal translucency, trimester review and amniotic fluid test that any women’s health center needs
  • Inputting test data in an accurate and simple way, including the use of automated calculation tools for calculating pregnancy age, last US date, last period date and ovulation date
  • Details about the fetal biometry test and fetal anatomy
  • Different tools that provide a solution in the event of a multi-fetal pregnancy
  • The use of built-in fields to input test information saves on typing time

Basic application package:

Optional extras that complement the system:

ניהול תורים

A system for scheduling and managing appointments

A system for running a gynecological clinic that enables the clinic staff to schedule appointments for patients in a simple, convenient and intuitive manner. With this system one can print out a list of physician appointments, add various comments that apply to the treatment or to different procedures performed – directly to the diary, and change or cancel the appointment status. 

תיק רפואי ממוחשב

Managing medical files and a computerized medical archive

The system offers highly advanced computerized tools that make it possible to create a computerized medical file for each of the clinic’s patients and store it in a computerized medical archive. In this file one can keep personal information about the patient, information about treatments, medical history, tests performed, future appointments and more.

טפסים ייעודיים במערכת

Special forms built into the system

The system provides forms that any women’s health clinic needs. Adding the information into the forms and printing it is done in a simple way that saves time and a great amount of effort. The system’s forms make it possible to add information regarding the patient’s condition and the condition of the fetus as well as results of tests conducted during the pregnancy. The main forms built into the system for daily operation are: a trimester review form that contains general and medical information, a fetal biometry and fetal anatomy form, a nuchal translucency form, and an amniotic fluid test form that contains data such as the woman’s last period, number of fetuses, CMV and more. The use of forms built into the system aids in creating intelligent work processes and in storing all of the information in one place.

דוחות ניהולייםAdministrative and special reports

The system provides users with the option of generating and printing statistical reports that are necessary for keeping track of the clinic’s work, of its patients and of the accounting actions done vis-a-vis all applicable parties – thus providing an up to date picture of the scene at the clinic.

תזכורות תורים

 Appointment reminders and information updates (SMS)

With this reminder tool, it is possible to automatically send reminders to clinic patients via SMS. They are sent directly to their cell phones, remind them of future appointments, and provide relevant information about treatments they have had or will have in the future. In this way, the clinic can save on communication and personnel expenses and prevent unplanned changes in appointments.

The software for running a women’s health center is suitable for small and large clinics. It assists the clinic’s work and aids in saving large amounts of money.

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By: David Samesh

The system’s advantages:

  • A feature for generating reports, graphs and statistics relating to appointments and diary management
  • Easily maintaining a waiting list with the option to quickly and conveniently make future appointments
  • The capability to fully manage clinics in various fields such as physiotherapy, psychology, audiology, alternative medicine, cosmetic treatments and more
  • The ability to store all of the patient’s medical information in a computerized manner with no need for paper

The system for specialist clinic management provides you with a variety of tools:

• Using different formats for printing out appointment lists (for doctors, therapists, etc.)

• The option of using treatment series

• Receiving test information and generating summaries, opinions and advice

• The capability to document test referrals, pictures, scanned documents and spreadsheets

Optional extras that complement the system:

אייקון של מערכת לזימון וניהול תורים An interactive system for scheduling and managing appointments

This software product for specialist clinic management offers a tool for managing diaries and scheduling appointments according to the work hours of the physicians or therapists. The system is available around the clock (24/7) and patients can schedule appointments for treatments, medical consultations and tests from any place at any time, regardless of the clinic’s business hours. The patient can schedule an appointment via a variety of devices such as their personal computer at home or at work, a tablet, a laptop computer and most types of smartphones. 

Additionally, the system provides the user with the option of managing an unlimited quantity of test and treatment diaries concurrently, and enables the user to have remote access to the data. This serves as an integral part of a complete system for managing the clinic that provides comprehensive solutions assisting in the clinic’s proper operation. It also contains a solution for complete synchronization with Google Diary.

The option of synchronizing with Google Diary offers the clinic’s physicians a convenient and user friendly solution for synchronizing their appointments, tests and treatments with those recorded on Google Diary. Many physicians are assisted by Google Diary because of its convenience. It is easy to install in one’s mobile device or tablet and can be shared with other members of the clinic’s staff.

The system includes an innovative module for two-way synchronization with every separate Google account or with all of the diaries together. In this way the physicians don’t need to remotely connect to the clinic or contact the secretary to find out when they can accept the patient at the clinic. By using the system for scheduling and managing appointments, one can synchronize the diary by one quick click, define access authorizations and add and edit different events.

אייקון של תיק רפואי ממוחשב

Managing computerized medical records

The software provides comprehensive, accurate information about the patient that is recorded in a computerized file and stored directly in a secure archive. This file contains demographic details, personal information, details about the referral, a personal data sheet, sensitivities, future appointments, medical history and a list of financial transactions for the patient, including funds owed. All of the information can be printed, with the option of adding pictures, diagnoses and consultation guidance.

אייקון של שאלונים דינמיים לאבחון ולטיפולים

Dynamic questionnaires for diagnosis and treatments

Among other features, the system offers an advanced module that makes it possible for the clinic staff to prepare dynamic questionnaires for diagnosis and treatment. Patients can receive and fill in a questionnaire to make the physicians’ work easier. Patients can also sign consent forms as needed, forward relevant medical information that is required by the clinic staff, and fill in general questionnaires to update their information on the clinic’s computerized system.

It should be emphasized that planning and creating dynamic questionnaires, sending them to patients and having them fill in the forms, as well as other actions, are all done via the online system. In this way the clinic can save on costs, improve its service, be perceived as distinct from the competition and service its patients in an innovative, advanced manner.


אייקון של תזמון ושליטה בטלפון

Timing and control via the smart phone

One of the system’s important benefits is timing and control via the smart phone. It provides an advanced technological solution for scheduling appointments with patients, controlling individual schedules, remotely controlling the clinic’s operation, reading visit / test / treatment / surgery summaries, generating prescriptions, and sending other documents directly to one’s cell phone.

אייקון של דוחות ניהוליים

Administrative and special reports

The software provides clinic management solutions that are completely configured to the user’s needs. It contains a wide variety of reports covering every aspect of the clinic’s operation: from the work and effectiveness of the receptionist to many other diverse reports that provide a broad picture and serve as an important management tool. It also provides information about revenues and expenses, the clinic’s profitability, managers’ reports, a list of treatments by patient and other special reports. It is possible to export these reports to Excel, generate graphs, and analyze the data easily and conveniently.

אייקון של גורמים מבטחים

Transferring answers and performing accounting actions vis-a-vis insurers

The system securely transfers answers to the Clalit, Maccabi, Leumit and Meuhedet HMOs. These answers go directly to the referring physicians and to the HMO’s clinics via a secure safe. Additionally, the system has a simple monthly accounting function vis-a-vis insurers, thus ensuring that reimbursements are received monthly from the HMOs and insurance companies.

אייקון של העברת תשובות ואבחונים

Transferring answers and diagnoses

The system for specialist clinic management can streamline and improve the staff’s work at the clinic. Through the system it is possible to transfer answers, results, tests and diagnoses to patients via a secure website. Patients benefit from contemporary state of the art service, instead of calling the clinic or physically visiting the doctor. The patient quickly receives answers and diagnosis results, and can read the information through a secure website without being concerned about the data leaking and reaching unwanted destinations.

אייקון של תזכורות תורים

Appointment reminders and information updates (SMS)

A unique system that sends reminders to patients via SMS about the time and details of their appointment with no need for the staff’s intervention. The system can assist in retaining patients by sending them specific SMS messages and getting them back to the clinic for another treatment. It interfaces with other companies (Unicell, Cellact, InforUMobile) and assists in saving on clinic expenses by saving on telephone communication costs and valuable personnel work hours.

The specialist clinic management system provides you with the perfect solution for managing your clinic.  It is important to emphasize that the system offers 24/7 availability. Patients can make an appointment any time from any place via a variety of devices including smartphones.  From the first time you contact us, you will be assigned a personal project manager that will assist you in fully implementing the different tools offered by our system and in configuring them to the clinic’s specific needs. The software contains unique developments that fit different medical fields and a variety of professional requirements, and is a very effective solution for running a clinic

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