Do you own a medical institute or manage a clinic? Would you like to streamline the work processes of the institute or clinic and to use advanced professional tools that will help you to achieve that end?

If the answer is yes, we can provide you with a simple and easy to use technological system that contains a particularly important tool that any medical institute or clinic needs for its operation: a computerized medical file that uses the computer only, and makes any paper records unnecessary. The file can contain the patient’s personal information, medical history, payment details, etc.

Computerized solutions for better, smarter management

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Complete medical documentation for each patient, including every possible aspect, is done by computerized file management that makes it possible to record all of the patient’s tests in one simple system.

Here are some of the system’s benefits:

• Storing all of the patient’s information in the same place with no need to use additional software.

• The option of using statistical reports based on groupings that utilize information input into the patient’s file.

• Paperless work.

• Saving physical space as there is no need to store patient files.

• Saving time spent on locating patient files.


Managing a computerized medical sheet puts an end to paper patient files stored under the nurses’ counters, in the secretaries’ office and inside clinic cupboards. The time it takes to locate a patient file gets significantly shorter and streamlines the clinic’s service. Managing a computerized medical file is a prerequisite for paperless work, enabling the clinic to significantly save on costs and prevent critical human error that can happen when documenting medical tests and are quite common when working with paper. All of the patient’s information is stored on the computer and is typed directly by the entire clinic staff: doctors, clerks, nurses and technicians. At the same time, the system makes possible a much higher quality of information storage (for longer periods) through the use of information security.

Using computerized medical records ensures that the patient’s privacy is protected and provides him or her with the necessary medical confidentiality. Whereas formerly a patient’s medical file would move around the different wards and between various nurse counters, now it is possible to create strict security authorizations based on the staff member’s profession and position. The file stays only in the right hands and provides the necessary information as needed. The system can administer up to 19 levels of authorization, providing full control over the activities of different users.

Advanced, effective solutions in one system

A computerized medical file provides a sophisticated appointment management system and an automated system reminding patients via SMS about the time and details of their appointment and providing them with ongoing updates relating to the clinic.    The system assists in customer retention by sending specific SMS messages based on different segmentations and groupings.    This reminder system serves as an important marketing tool that can aid in creating patient loyalty, streamline the clinic’s activities and increase its profits. Another benefit is that the system collaborates with communication companies such as Unicell, Effect and Phone Plus, thus assisting in saving on phone and personnel expenses which can run very high every month.

And let’s not forget another important benefit of the system: the feature of generating many diverse reports that can provide the medical staff with all of the information they need about the patients and their treatments, based on various segmentations that can be done, as needed. The system contains many technological tools enabling the staff to generate the reports they require for the clinic’s daily work and in order to function better. These reports can be printed in different formats and as part of the authorizations of the various staff members.

In summary

Would you like to make it in the competition against many other medical centers and clinics?

Would you like to significantly streamline your clinic’s work and to retain your existing customers?

In order to enjoy the many benefits of this computerized system, contact us today to schedule a demo.

By: David Samesh