Combining high level professionalism with a perfect solution for correctly and intelligently running a surgical room

The Medsoft Pro Surg system for surgical room management by R.R. Systems enables you to run and operate your surgical room more effectively, professionally and systematically. It offers hospitals high quality technological solutions and user friendly tools that can be used for effective planning and for smart, professional management of surgical rooms.

Running a surgical room requires unique tools that only a specially configured system can provide. Therefore we have developed a unique system that provides a specific solution to the needs of a surgical room and hospital. It enables their staff to input information quickly, sterilely and accurately and to save time, personnel and quite a lot of money!

A surgical room management software product provides the user with unique tools:

  • Characterizing surgical medical procedures that relate to the medical staff, surgical equipment, medications and devices
  • Encoding the entire surgical process for control purposes
  • Documentation and logistical management of time, personnel, equipment and materials
  • Reporting to the Ministry of Health
  • A pricing function and the ability to examine maximum effectiveness for surgical procedures

A software product for running and operating a surgical room:

  • Inputting data at the surgical room easily, quickly, accurately and sterilely
  • Fully automated processes and actions at the surgical room
  • Generating specific reports that enable the staff to quickly and easily manage surgical rooms 
  • An automated mechanism for pricing and accounting with regards to the medical staff at the surgical room
  • A capability to monitor and control finances and inventory

Basic application package:

Optional extras that complement the system: 

ניהול תורים

 An interactive system for scheduling and managing surgery appointments

Managing a surgical room becomes considerably more effective when using a system that provides information about available appointments and enables one to schedule and cancel surgery appointments faster. By using the software, it is possible to receive information about several surgical rooms concurrently, and to see medical staff assignment to surgeries, surgical room statuses and additional information relating to the medical procedures.

תיק רפואי ממוחשב

Managing medical files and a computerized medical archive

The system offers user friendly tools that assist the staff in managing and documenting the medical file that is stored in a computerized medical archive. The medical file contains important information relating to the patient such as: personal information, different sensitivities, analyses and diagnoses, historic visits at the clinic, future treatments, surgeries done, payments and more. Computerized work prevents the loss of important information and details and streamlines any future work.

טפסים ייעודיים במערכתSpecial forms built into the system

By using this surgical room management software, one can generate various forms that are built into the system itself. These forms assist the user in running the surgical room and in doing one’s work more correctly, professionally and sterilely. The information is transferred by special coding with no need to type at the surgical room. This saves a significant amount of time and results in higher effectiveness.

דוחות ניהוליים

Administrative and special reports for a surgical room

The system assists in generating administrative reports and different special reports that are necessary for the surgical room such as production reports, work hour reports, revenues and expenses, surgery lists, etc. These reports can be exported to Excel and different analyses can be viewed, as needed. Managing a clinic or surgical room becomes more efficient and effective thanks to these special reports.

תזכורות תורים

Appointment reminders and information updates (SMS)

The system sends an SMS reminder to each and every patient about the time of their appointment and other pertinent details. The system notifies the patient about new offers or other important information with no human interference.

To enjoy the many advantages of this surgical room management system and to have it perfectly configured to the needs of your medical center or hospital, please contact us today to schedule a consultation and demo.

By: David Samesh