Our appointment scheduling system enables you to manage the appointment schedule for your clinic or institute more professionally and effectively. It fully correlates to the staff’s available slots, the specific personnel necessary for the test or treatment, and the availability of rooms and medical equipment. The system features a diary that can be displayed in various formats according to the clinic’s needs and the user’s preferences. It can show an entire quarter of the year, a concurrent display of several diaries, a two week display and more. The system can generate a waiting list, manage regular messages used for scheduling appointments, and administer the automated appointment scheduling mechanism.

מערכת זימון תורים למרפאות

A variety of benefits in a single system

The system for scheduling appointments and managing diaries offers many solutions that make it an important tool for running any clinic or medical institute. Here are some of its main benefits:

• Receiving notifications about future appointments

• Managing and monitoring appointment cancellations

• Easily and conveniently managing the diary and room availability display that uses various color combinations

• Managing the personnel needed for every appointment, visit or treatment

The system has a number of interfaces with different systems to streamline the clinic’s work processes:

• A digital interface for calling patients from the waiting area into the treatment rooms through a special screen

• An interface for calling the patient – directly from the appointment

• An interface to the automated appointment reminder system via IVR

• An integrated telemarketing and medical marketing system

The appointment scheduling system has the option of managing and editing holidays, a sophisticated marking system, and different formats for printing the appointment lists (for physicians, nurses, etc.).

It also offers a large number of reports relating to appointment scheduling, diary management, graphs and statistics, and provides administrative reports that show all of the information necessary for running the clinic, such as its revenues and profits, which enables one to manage it correctly. The information can be exported to Excel in order to analyze it and generate graphs.

The system is fully configured to your clinic’s needs

• A module for printing stickers and barcodes relating to patient files, imaging tests, surgical rooms, etc.

• Immediately adding times to the diary in a way that is fully synchronized to every other diary

• Automated assignment of treatment series in the diaries

• The option to manage an appointment call center

• Managing a sophisticated price list system that also includes price histories

An online appointment management system provides the ultimate solution for running the clinic. Being an integral part of the systems used by any clinic or medical institute, the system offers complete solutions for correctly scheduling and managing appointments. It provides the option of easily and conveniently adding manager comments, and using a computerized medical file that contains all of the necessary information about the patient.

Additional solutions that combine high technology and a fully customized solution

A unique and important advantage offered by the appointment scheduling system is the option of adding an interface to inquire about the patient’s entitlement vis-a-vis the Maccabi HMO, as well as a demographic query that is done securely and conveniently. It also enables the clinic to easily and quickly perform monthly accounting vis-a-vis the HMOs and other insurers. This ensures that the funds that should be received by the medical institute or clinic do not get lost. The system also offers direct communication to external systems and to patients’ medical files. This is done by interfacing to the “Chameleon” system used by hospitals, the “Clicks” system used by HMO physicians, and more.

The ability to save money and to utilize user friendly, easy to operate tools turns this into an advanced and highly effective system. It is suitable for paperless work and offers the ability to add diary notes and manager comments. The staff can scan referrals and reimbursement obligations, and can add images, PDF files and various other documents to the patient’s medical file in different formats.  Managing the clinic with no need to use paper, saving on personnel and using many technological solutions – all this enables you to reduce the cost of work processes and at the same time increase revenues and profits.

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