If you are a physician in the field of plastic surgery or ENT, if you are a psychologist or physiotherapist, you probably use your diary quite a lot, and this enables you to manage your work effectively and professionally.

MEDSOFT PRO, our system for managing a physician’s diary, provides you with a variety of tools that will assist you to manage your diary in a better, smarter way!

The system for managing a physician’s diary has the ability to manage and edit holidays and to take care of patient appointments. It offers different printing formats, based on your preference. With this system you can generate reports, graphs or different statistics that will provide you with any information you may need in order to manage the clinic or medical institute.

Combining professional tools and personally customized solutions

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The software is an integral part of the different systems used by the clinic or medical institute. It provides advanced solutions relating to scheduling appointments, automatically placing treatment series in the diary, and easily and conveniently adding manager comments. The system makes it possible to manage treatment times and breaks in an organized manner. The patient’s computerized medical file is integrated into the process, and the information contained in it can be used, such as medical history, personal details, different sensitivities, etc.

The system has many advantages:

• Managing diary and room availability displays easily and conveniently

• Receiving notifications about future appointments

• Managing and monitoring appointment cancellations

• A sophisticated and diverse marking system for appointment statuses

• Personnel management for appointments, visits and treatments

• Easily maintaining a waiting list with the option to quickly and conveniently make future appointments

• Sending regular and changing messages to the appointment scheduling staff

• Managing the formats for printing appointment lists (for physicians, nurses, etc.)


The software offers a wide variety of authorizations which make it possible to manage all of its users: from the clerk making the appointment or the receptionist – to the clinic’s management. The system can administer up to 19 levels of authorization, providing full control over the activities of different users. The authorization system provides a top notch management tool and ensures that the information at the clinic stays only in the right hands. The software also provides an interface for checking entitlement by contacting “Maccabi” and a demographic query that can be used securely and conveniently. It enables the clinic to easily and quickly perform monthly accounting vis-a-vis HMOs and insurers, in a way unique to this software only.


Technological solutions of the highest quality

The software can be used for reminding patients about appointments and providing them information. This is done by sending an SMS message to the patient, with no need for personnel to perform this task. The SMS sending system collaborates with different communication companies, and thus saves money on telephone expenses and personnel. There is no need to call the patient. The patient is contacted two days before the appointment, and this ensures the patient will arrive at the right time and prevents unnecessary errors. Alongside all of the above, the software also features a sophisticated system for managing appointments, a system for generating reports, and advanced options for displaying information required by the Health Ministry and for distributing answers and diagnoses via the website of the clinic or medical institute.

It enables the clinic to distribute different medical analyses and diagnoses to the HMOs via secure safes. The system can also automatically provide the patient with an appointment slip that contains details about the appointment.

In summary

This advanced system for managing the diary of a physician, medical institute or clinic significantly improves the way the clinic is managed and helps save on expenses. It has many benefits for the physician and entire medical staff, and at the same time assists the customers themselves who can enjoy faster, more effective service.

If you want to enjoy these benefits too and implement the diverse, advanced tools offered by our software, contact us as soon as possible to schedule a consultation and demo.

By: David Samesh